Everything was bathed in moonlight

A Sexual Fantasy

— By yleekk

A few years ago I decided to try dating sites. I had contacts with a few guys and saw a couple who were pretty weird. On the site there was this guy that looked very handsome in the pics. We decided to meet up.
The following weekend, I organized a party for a friend who was leaving the country. We were all girls, eating drinking and having fun. I bought plain black masks, feathers, ribbons, etc and we each made our own masks and decided to go out wearing them. I was texting this guy from the dating site and he said he might join us at the club later. So I told him if he could guess who I was between the 15 girls wearing masks he might win something. I gave him the clue "Stendhal" and he replied right away "you're wearing red and black".

I waited a while but he wrote back and said it was getting late. Instead, he gave me his address, saying he was going to bed and he would leave the door unlocked, and that I should come over and give him his prize since he guessed what I was wearing. First I thought it was impulsive and crazy... but in the end I took a cab and went there. The door of the apartment was open. Everything inside was bathed in moonlight. I had to go through all rooms until I found the bedroom. He sat up in his iron bed when I walked in and I sat besides him. He kissed me, took off my mask and we had absolutely amazing sex. When I woke up the next morning he was looking at me smiling. He took me back home and I never saw him again until a work event. We looked at eachother but didn't speak.