Her every fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By open4everything

This is my ultimate fantasy: to fulfill every single one of my girlfriend's fantasies.
I don't really know if she's just shy or completely satisfied but she doesn't come up with new things she wants to try very often. So my fantasy starts with me asking her about her sexual wishes and the promise that I'd do simply everything to thoroughly satisfy her.
At first she would only want to try some soft things like using her vibrator more often or being tied to the bed (again nothing new). But as the weeks go by and she gets more and more comfortable with our new sex life her wishes start to become kinkier. Outdoor sex, role playing, facesitting, secretly exposing in public, spanking, watching porn, film ourselves, sex in front of the window, a second man, a second woman, bisexual pleasures, maybe visiting a swinger club, watching others, being watched, maybe some anal play, a strap-on, double penetration, maybe some cum play...
I am really curious about her innermost fantasies and I will fulfill them all. I will completely satisfy her.