Escape to Red Light District

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

If you are familiar with Amsterdam, you know that the Red Light District begins right behind the building of the AEX, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. I work there, and it is a very demanding job for a young woman like me. So, to escape the stress of this job, I have another one, in my daily lunch break. From 12 to 14 pm I'm a part-time prostitute behind one of the windows on "de Wallen". I wear an Venetian style mask, so colleagues do not recognize me if they come this way. I have seen a lot of them do so, even visiting some of my colleagues working other windows!
Luckily, up until now, they didn't visit my spot... Lunch hour is the busiest time during the day, lots of tourists and men on their lunch breaks. I'm in for everything. I remember one time, with a tourist. He chose anal intercourse. He fucked me for a real long time, and when he was finally ready, I almost was too late to get back to the AEX on time... So, I quickly dressed, no time for a shower! I got back to my desk, just in time... This was so exciting! This is why I love both my jobs so much.