Erotic Chess

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aifatunji88

My neighbor across the hall and I play chess together often. She is one of the most attractive humans I have ever experienced. I love her deeply as a friend, but sometimes I fantasize about loving her more intimately and sexually. I imagine her knocking on my door catching me by surprise. Opening the door to reveal her standing there in a barefoot in a sundress wearing her beautiful smile. She asks if I want to play a game of chess, but this time she wants to play a special version she created for the two of us to take our play to another level. She calls is erotic chess. She even has the rules ready for me to learn as we play. Rules of the game...

Pawns are 1 point, knights and bishops are 3 points, rooks are 5 points, queens are 8 points just like in normal chess.

1 point gets you the lowest level of pleasure. Something like a tease.

3 points is a mid level.

5 points is higher. Something like edging.

8 points is highest like an orgasm or something in that arena of pleasure level. Equivalent of "Taking a queen".

Person taking the piece on a move gets to decide whether to give or receive the pleasure.

Points CAN be stored and used all at once to get to a higher level.

Points can also be earned in pleasure play. If someone is receiving a level 5 and begs to be taken over the edge that counts as a queen surrender and the giver gets a bonus 8 points.

Winner either has the most points or achieves checkmate depending on our flow of pleasures. Winner gets the W treatment which stands for "worshipped".

We can agree on the different types of play we want at each level ahead of time to have a strong base of consensual acts to choose from already and move at the pace of our play.

There are lil nuances to play with and add twists to the game as well.

We setup the board for a night full of falling in love all over again, but this time sexually.