End the Friend Zone

A Sexual Fantasy

— By IWillBite

I live with my best friend. When we met, our personalities just clicked. As the years passed, we grew and so did our desire for independence, so we thought why not move in together? I loved the idea because there wasn't anything that I wanted more than to be closer to him. Being in the friend zone sucks, but it sure gets better when he's just a door away from you. We moved in and secretly I just went crazy. A day didn't pass that I was able to help from touching myself. When he showered, I could just imagine him and his body. As my lovers touched every single part of my body I just constantly found myself wishing they were him. When he brought someone over, that's when I went real nuts! The walls are thin enough so that I could hear him and his partner for the night. And then one night, when we'd been out with friends after he went to his room and I to mine, I started hearing him masturbate and so I started to too. It was like if nothing separated us, no walls, just our body's hungry for the pleasure we somewhat knew only the other could give. I knew he could hear me and neither of us seemed like we could control our voices and that's when I heard him calling my name. We both stopped and automatically I got up and went to his room. He opened the door, and we just sank into each other. I threw him onto the bed and let's just say that all of my desires were fulfilled, and you sure bet that I finally left the friend zone.