Enabling Her Fantasies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Truman5

One of the most beautiful women I have known had been paralyzed from the waist down by a childhood accident and was wholly dependent on a wheelchair to get around. Her body below the waist was atrophied from disuse, but like some beautiful mermaid, she was gorgeous from the waist up. A lovely Latina woman with dark flashing eyes and long straight hair, she dressed meticulously to emphasize her dark coloring and arms made fit by propelling herself in her wheelchair. Inspired by her beautiful eyes and fulll perfectly made up lips, I fantasized her watching from behind her long lashes as she left a perfect circle of lipstick around the base of my cock. Or I imagined rubbing between her firm breasts, her dark skin highlighting my white cum covering her breasts. But now, I find myself wondering what her fantasies were and I imagine offering myself to act out any fantasy she might have.