Elevator neighbour

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Allthat7

I have this fantasy about my neighbour. After work I always use the elevator to get to my new floor. I have this new neighbour and I always see him in the elevator. We started flirting a couple weeks ago, and now it's just a thing. I just can't get him out of my head and recently I have been having some dreams about him. So we get stuck in the elevator for hours. At first we just start making out, after a while he says he happens to have cards in his bag. So he suggests we should play poker, strippoker. He did have a few other rules every time somebody has to take off clothes we make out. We play for 15 minutes, and both of us are down to our underwear. So now we're in the middle of a make out session when the janitor calls me and says that we will be at our floor in 5 minutes. So we are totally bummed but he asks me if i want to go to his plays to finish our game. Of Course I said yes, so when we arrived at our floor we went to his apartment. He said that was a lot of fun but that we should eat, because we would be up all night and get very hungry. I get totally aroused and don't even know how to answer. But in five minutes he gave me a plate with tortillas and some meat. Then he picks up my tortilla and starts feeding me, he gives me a certain look and somehow I get even more aroused. We finished our food en he says he has a new rules. He says that from now, no matter who wins we both take our clothes of, but there is another rule. We take off each other's clothes. And that this game will last all night, because once all of our clothes are off we can choose a new position. Or something that has to do with bodyexploration and sexstoys. We start playing and our clothes are off pretty soon. I win the first round, then he grabs a box and shows me what is in it. I take this sort of wax out the box, he tells me to go and lay on the bed. He takes a strap and ties me to the bed. He takes a lighter en holds it above the wax. The wax start dripping all over my body, it gives me a warm feeling. And it feels like I am in paradise, after that he went down on me, I never felt that much pleasure in my life. We play a couple more rounds and every time I win. After a while I ask if he lets me win. He said he did and that we should skip the poker part, and just do what he wanted to do all night. He tells me that he wants to make me scream like no one has ever done before. That he just wants to please me, all night, if it's possible every night. After he said that he grabbed some chocolate mousse and poor's it all over my body. He start eating it of me after that he says that because he let me win all the time he just wanted that I would ride him. Like I was a cowgirl and he a horse. After that we just do all positions anybody can think of. Just once in a while whe take a break to drink and to have a snack. So we can take off where we left things.