Eight of Wands: A True Story

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Erica

(This is a true story)

I pulled the Eight of Wands tarot card which signifies new beginnings, movements in your path, change and even the possibly of seeing an old friend before I began swiping on a dating app. As soon as I open the app, my old friend Jack's face pops up out of nowhere! I hadn't seen him in 12 years but we had been friends since we were children - we had gone on dates, to dances and hung out a ton but were totally platonic. Although I did have a major crush on him.

I swiped right and we matched! I thought back to my tarot pull and thought that meeting up with this old friend could be what the card is leading to. We connected briefly over chat and then decided to go get drinks.

I arrived early and was so nervous! I kept pulling at my leather leggings and sheer black blouse. A few moments later I look at the door and there he is! We give each other a tender embrace and sit down. The next two hours we're laughing and talking about anything and everything - it's like no time had passed!

After we closed our tab, I asked him to come back to my place. He politely declined but I was ok! I was just happy to see him again! When I got home, he texted me and asked if my offer for a night cap was still on the table! I gave him my address and he came over!

After a poor attempt at a house tour we ended up tenderly making out. His soft, tender but passionate kiss to me was unlike any other kiss I had ever felt. I fell into those kisses. Through our making out, he said "who would have thought" and "I feel like I'm in high school" as he giggled.

I kept falling into these soft passionate kisses he gave me - our clothes were slowly coming off. He marveled at my large bare breasts before sucking and caressing them with his tongue and I hastily took off his button down as I straddled him and kissed his neck. He then unbuttoned his pants and then I pulled down his underwear, revealing a beautiful cock. I began slowly sucking. He moaned and moaned even louder as I throated it and drooled down his balls. Throughout our making out and oral he was so sweet and telling me how pretty I was and how good it all felt but this is when I got wet: When he told me that I looked like a certain porn star that he was watching lately to think of me. I started pulsing his cock faster and deeper. I wanted his cum in my mouth. He held my head and let out a loud moan and came hard in my mouth. He apologized but I reassured him I wanted it and liked it.

After we cleaned up we sat together, hand in hand quietly. He looked at me and just said "Who would have thought? I wish we could have done this when we were younger." I professed my long time feelings for him and his eyes shined as he said "Really?"

We kissed goodnight and said our goodbyes with a promise to see each other again. I went to bed blissful and woke up to a text from him thanking me for the evening.

Never underestimate the power of a tarot pull. It could truly change your course.