Drive of your life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheShepherd

We are up early with a long drive ahead. We chat and watch the sunrise, it will be a hot day. After a while she makes herself comfortable, closes her eyes with her naked feet up against the windscreen. I should be concentrating on the road but can't help watching her. The car is getting hot. I can see little beads of sweat on her forehead, nose and upper lip. I just wish I could taste her now. My eyes glide towards her shoulders where the strap of her dress has slipped down her arm. She isn't wearing a bra and I can clearly see her sweet nipples rubbing against the thin fabric of her summer dress.
I never could resist her feet, with the short red nails glistening in the sun light. My eyes are following her legs with the dress having slid up above her knees, just enough to get a glimpse of her gorgeous thighs.
This is just too much, I can no longer resist touching her. My hand wanders up her thigh. It's soft and slightly damp from sweat. I try to find her knickers but she isn't wearing any. She probably knew I wouldn't be able to resist. Straight away I can feel her damp sex. I start to gently stroke it and I can hear her quiet approval. I gently circle her clitoris and she parts her legs in an invitation to enter her. I slowly slide one then two fingers into her vagina. Because of the angle I can't enter her very deeply, just far enough to reach her G-spot. I massage her gently and her juices are really starting to flow now. Just for a moment I pull my fingers out to touch her lips to let her taste them. She takes my fingers in her mouth and wraps her tongue around. There is no sweeter taste.
I return my hand to massage her G-spot, back and forth alternated with a circling motion. She is breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure. She is playing with her nipple and rubbing her clitoris. I need to concentrate on the road but her pleasure is nearly enough to make me climax with her as she finally comes with more of her juices running down my hand.
I can't wait for the return journey.