Dripping Honey (Confession with Friend Mom)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Timelesslove

A day as usual, just in my pals house. Just having a chat until a an angel arrives. With her flaunting hairs and brown skin there comes my friend mom. Heart pumping, hands tickling, and red face I greet her."Simple is unique. It's hard to find nowadays", I get turn on by her natural look. Dressed in regular shirt ,pant and socks , attire is her timeless smile make her appealing to me. The next moment I am with her alone, with some butterflies in the chest and she approaches me with a kiss. A warm moist and soft contact of our lips takes me to heaven. Now the magic happens, we undress each other, breathing heavily breaking into each other mouth many a times. Here what my mind activates my fetish, with no fear of being judged and her affection , I bury myself in her armpit, I just wanna loose into it. Licking it is a boon for me. Slowly getting to her feet, worshipping her toes and archs to show my respect for her gives me a turn on. Now having our oral sex is next step. Slow, gentle tease is the very need of moment. We both orgasm. Now slowly I enter her vagina we both smile and go with flow. New to the bed, she dictates me. Her dominant self is love to watch. After a good ejaculation we both sleep cuddling . Breathless kissing joins the scene. The next moment I am with her eating cookies Here what my confession is Hope u like it@erikalust