Dressing Up - For HER

A Sexual Fantasy

— By OneAndOne

I love when my girlfriend is wearing lingerie. One time I started to wonder why only women should dress up for their partners. I was a bit jealous - mostly, there are only boring shapes and colors in men's underwear. Nothing like G-strings, lace or similar for that purpose. I wanted to turn her on by wearing something hot as well. Like she does.

It took some time and research to find nice lingerie for men and some courage as well. But then I decided to surprise her...

I probably have more lingerie than her, by now. She absolutely loves it. Already knowing what I wear below my usual clothes turns her on. I love that :)

I guess none of my colleagues and friends has the slightest idea. Instead of boring boxers I wear G-strings, briefs, lace a.s.o.

Maybe one time, men wearing hot underwear will not be that exotic any more. It is a lot of fun.