Dresscode: Black Tie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My girlfriend and I received an invitation for a posh party... Black tie, the invitation card said, and that gave me an very naughty idea! We will attend the party, both wearing a black tie, but ONLY a black tie! Imagine, we would surely turn some heads on that occasion! We arrive at the party, wearing long, black, all-covering coats. Once inside, we both remove our coats in one, simultanious move. The other guests look at us flabbergasted! My GF's long red curly hair dancing around her full, perky breasts,her red covered tufted nethers gleaming towards them! And the only piece of cloth on her body is her black tie, around her gracious neck! And the ladies... All the ladies attending this party will be looking at me... Not at my face, not at the perfectly knotted black tie I am wearing, but at my low-dangling crown jewels... We will be the talk of the evening, just because we took our invitation literary! It said black tie, nothing about evening dresses or tuxedos! And just imagine, what could happen next! All men are heated up by my GF's nude appearance, and all ladies crave to gobble on my privates! Will we decide to let it happen, having sex with the other guests, or will we leave them, unsatisfied, longing for our luscious bodies? Well, the rest is up to you, Erika! What will happen next?