Dreams whilst away with work

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Office MILF

Not so long ago we had a new guy start in the office. He is handsome, very nicely built and looks fantastic in a suit. There is one slight problem, at 57 he's about 35 years younger than me. Still, a gal can let her eyes wander can't she?

Recently we went away on a training course together for a few days. The course itself wasn't very exciting but one night was different.

I took myself off my room, slipped into a silk nightie and climbed into bed. I was so turned on by spending the days in close comfort with him that I shut my eyes and started to masturbate...

..the door went and my colleague slipped into my room. He kissed me and it felt so hot. I gently pushed him onto the bed to kiss all over his body and to get a good feel of his cock. It was huge and delicious. Soon it was my turn and he gladly returned the favour. After one huge orgasm later he was on top and deep inside me. How I howled in delight! Eventually we rolled over, I pulled my nightie off before riding him. It was a hell of a night.

I awoke the next day, startled. I had no idea if it was a dream or not. I was still dressed but I was absolutely soaked with sweat and the bed was too. He also had a slight twinkle in his eye when we all met for breakfast....