Double Panty Melt

A Sexual Fantasy

— By keenwriter

I love being physical with others, but sometimes I just want my pleasure to be 100% about me, with a little help, and I want it just as normal as a drive thru.

Year 2103 Place: Keep on Cummin’ Gal, the adult playground exclusively for women

After a miserable day and stressful week I enter the building and go straight to the kiosk. I use my thumbprint to get started. An automated male voice speaks.

“Hello, Mia. Show us how to make you cum today.”

I scroll through the menu and choose the Double Panty Melt, with extras. I want to completely get away from it all. I choose a Martian forest—and the men—two handsome forest rangers. My avatar is orange with curly navy hair and a super sexy bikini.

“Great choice, Mia. It looks like you really enjoyed the aphrodisiac snow on visit #26.” A video of me starts to play, no avatar that trip, I’m nude and glistening in the sun. My hips are rocking slowly back and forth riding the lost wanderer on the Saharan sand. The snow was falling on our bodies, cool butterscotch flavored snow. My body tingled just thinking about it.

“Would you like to try this add on again?”

“Yes,” I say.

I pay with my fingerprint and collect my body sensors, 20 dots, 5 for my head and the others for my body from the slot at the bottom of the kiosk. They are sealed in plastic with P44 printed on the outside, Pod 44.

I step inside the pod, undress and place the sensors where my mirrored avatar instructs. Then lights dim and turn red. I’m in a Martian forest. The snow starts falling and I instantly start to feel the passion. I could see my nipples harden through my bikini top.

I sat beside a bubbling stream and let my feet dip into the water. I could not help but allow my fingers to graze my firm nipples, as the others circles my clit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the first ranger, bulging muscles, short shorts, just like I ordered.

“What are you doing here? This stream is protected by Martian planetary law. You could be in a lot of trouble sneaking in here like this,” he said.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” I said as I pull off my bikini.

I approach him and unbutton his shirt, kissing him while running my hand up between his thighs, feeling the hardness build. He takes off his shorts, lays on the ground and pulls me on top of him. As I’m grinding on top the other ranger approaches me from behind and enters me. With both inside me I moan, scream, and pant myself to blissful exhaustion.

"Thank you for playing with us today, Mia. Don't forget to rate us online and tell your friends for a 30% off your next panty melt."