Do you know what you are?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

Me: "Still no luck with the job hunt?"
Him: "Got some interviews, in the meantime, I'm helping my mom look for a place for her business."
Me: "Oh, what sorta business?"
Him: "She's opening a massage place. I don't get it."
Me: "Why? I mean I would love to be a customer if only she opened it in my town"
Him: "Huh really? You're weird, who wants to pay for a massage?"
Me: "Uh, me?"
Him: "Wouldn't you rather get it for free, like, from a boyfriend?"
Me: "Why not, it's cost-efficient. You know how to give a good one?"
He gave me that stare. The one he has every time he's suddenly turned on and can't hold it anymore.
Him: "I am not your boyfriend. Know your place, woman. Do you know what you are?"
Me: "I'm your personal whore, master."
Him: "Now why don't you start giving your pussy a massage, I know you must be aching for some, hm?"