Dinner is Served

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 2curious

Having exhausting jobs and two little kids, the occasions where my husband and I can get down and dirty are pretty rare. So to keep the passion in our relationship, we regularly organize a babysitter for the evening and get on a romantic date for only the two of us.

This was one of those days. I already got horny during the day at the office, in pleasant anticipation of what would come after work.
So by the time hubby picked me up and took me to that fancy restaurant, I just wanted to get naked and jump him.
The place was great, with tables in small and dimly lit alcoves, which made it feel secluded.
Right after we got our water and wine, I told him how wet my pussy was and how soaked my panties were. With great arousal in his voice and eyes he asked me to show him the evidence. I did. Not as perfect as Sharon Stone, but still with a 'Basic Instinct’ touch to it, I managed to remove my panties from under my dress and secretly showed him the wet, lustrous cloth.
Our dinner was served and while eating we talked in very explicit detail about how good we were going to give it to each other later that night. I was about to explode.
The waiter took our order for the dessert and the moment he was gone I looked around to make sure no one was watching and slipped under the long table cloth. I opened hubby's pants and heard him nervously clear his throat as I took his hard dick into my hand. I put it straight into my mouth, slowly sucking on it. I know how to do it right and so it didn't take long until he shot his warm load into my mouth and down my throat.
Back at my chair I enjoyed the dessert knowing that this had just been the starter to a promising night.