Dinner Party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eleven7

One of my longest running fantasies, is that I am at an elegant dinner party. A large round beautiful table, a long table cloth, many guests dressed to the nine. Flirtations begin with cocktails, then when guests are seated at the table they are curious to find the arrangement of the name place cards. Play starts as the first course is served, a hand crosses over to the next person’s crotch, a foot slides up a leg, etc. As the courses continue, the erotic play becomes more involved. Someone is under the table lifting up my dress, a warm mouth on my clit. All the while, some guests are still talking, unaware? others sexually engaged and trying to play it cool and not let on. I am trying not to scream as I orgasm with the mysterious guest under the table. Who left the table? How long ago? I need to go to the powder room, where I find another woman who is also a guest....we are so turned on and we proceed to pleasure each other. We return to the table and see Someone is in the coat room, getting it from behind.....and we haven’t even had dessert yet!!!!