Decisions Were Made

A Sexual Fantasy

— By feetish

After quitting my ten year relationship I decided to push things a little further and created a profile on a sex dating app. Had no expectations until I met a guy who really made me push my boundaries with sexting. Was not sure if I really want to meet him because he lives behind the country border. But his very intense and dirty messages were triggering me so much that I now can say no other man gave me more orgasms before. We reached a point where no more words could be said, so I decided it is time to make them come true. Arriving in his street, getting out of the car, looking for number 16 - my hands were shaking while ringing the bell. The suspense got more and more while taking one step at a time. Suddenly there he was. The one I already shared so much intimacy with. While following him to his apartment I had all those naughty conversations in my head where he said he likes it when I am begging for it and that he wants me to be his lil slut. As soon as he closed the door, he kissed me very sensual. Ice was broken. Drinks. Couch. A new and very beautiful couch, that needs to be destroyed by all kinds of body fluids. I did not want to talk, I wanted to know if he can make his dominant promises true. I wanted the sex I was waiting for for so long and he wanted it, too. I sat on his lap, intense tongue kissing, hands everywhere, undressing each other fast. He spit in his hand and shove two fingers in my dripping wet pussy. And one in my ass. Ok, this is going to be an angry session and I instantly decided to give myself to him to the fullest. His other hand went around my neck and while fingering me hard he looked deep in my eyes. I could see he looked straight into my soul, remembering every single secret word I told him the weeks before about my sloppiest fantasies. Instead of feeling ashamed, I enjoyed my surrender. Grabbing my neck harder, he pushed me on my knees shoving his dick so deep in my throat that tears ran over my face immediately. Already having layers of spit on my face, I was in doubt if I could ever fix that mascara again. Never loosing eye contact he took my head in both hands and with no chance for me to breathe at all, I could feel the lubrication running down my legs on his vintage carpet. Suddenly he stopped and started to look for something and I was patiently waiting on my knees for him to find it. But in the moment I realized what it was, I became scared. I am very sure he saw the fear in my face and it’s not that he ignored it while grabbing that belt… he enjoyed it. He took his time to wrap it around my neck, me feeling the cold metal and the leather to be tied up. He dragged me like a dog in front of his mirror and started to fuck me from behind. My eyes started to become red while he pulled the belt and he forced me to look in the mirror and watch me. He fulfilled his promise. I was his slut. And it was my decision to be that one. But from then on it is always his decision were and when he will use me.