I dare you - A pleasure ground adventure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ley

It was his birthday, and he had always had a thing for the forbidden. Every now and then, his urge for adrenalin infected me to break out and join in on the rush.

That day the taste of summer was tickling the tip of my tongue, as we lay lazy in a canoe, tranquilized by the heat. Ashore the Ferris wheel of the abandoned pleasure ground towered over lush greens, casting a beautiful shadow on the river’s glittering water. I can’t remember how we ended up standing in front of the mesh wire fence, but I can remember those goose bumps rushing down my neck as he quietly said the words.

“I dare you.”

Few seconds later we had squeezed our way in, pranced past the “no entry” sign and sneaked mischievously through the thicket. We had entered forbidden grounds; we were true adventurers in a long forgotten jungle of memories. Giggling we strolled through cobwebbed ghost train tunnels and took imaginative rides in rusty teacups. I felt the excitement pumping through my veins. All along, the fear of getting caught made me sensitive for every sound, every movement, and every touch… First comes the lull, and then comes the storm, right?

We had reached the roller coaster wagons when our rush finally abounded. Heatedly kissing, I tugged at his shirt directing him towards a pair of pale yellow plastic seats. His fingertips ran softly between my legs, causing him to moan hoarsely. I was wet, wet from the thrill, wet from anticipation. One hand lost in my hair he hastily slid my shorts and pants aside with the other. Taking a seat, he hungrily pulled my hips upon him entering me. With a sharp gasp for air I embraced the view, the ride and my adventurous side.

I had dared and I would dare again.