Daawat-E-Ishq (Feast of Love)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ghostrider49

We are a lesbian couple living in Barcelona. Both of us are foodies. Actually, it was food that brought us together. My wife likes cooking, and I, eat. So we got excited when a whiff of air stimulated our olfactory nerves. Someone was cooking. We traced the scent to the window and found its origin. Across the street, in the opposite building, there was an Indian woman cooking something. How she handled the spatula told us about her passion for the art. After that, we have become regular admirers of her culinary skills. Well! She is beautiful. That helps too. We enjoy seeing her cook and eat as well. The aroma from her window is nothing short of an aphrodisiac. I have a fantasy - What if someday she catches us spying on her(cooking)? We are embarrassed and pull down the curtain. But there is a knock at the door. It's her. She introduces herself (Kali Sudhra) and then invites us for a Daawat(feast). We agree and go to her apartment, and she prepares the food before us. She teaches us about the nuances of frying spices. Then we eat it as well. She says that she was aware of us spying on her. And that's why she did put on a show. And that's it; we both lift and carry her to the bedroom. Now it's our turn to teach her about the nuances of some good old strap-on banging. It's our Daawat-E-Ishq, and she is our guest.