Cum and Meet My Parents

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Long distance desperate

The first time I went to meet my boyfriend's parents, I was quite nervous.
I had just flown into Paris and my boyfriend picked me up from the airport. We went directly to his parent's home for dinner, which meant no time for any fooling around. As we got closer, the sexual tension and nerves mounted. Finally we arrived.
Pulling my suitcase out of the trunk in the dark parking garage, my boyfriend said, "I know what will calm you down." Slamming the trunk closed he continued, "And I know what I need." He grabbed my hips and kissed me ferociously, pushing me against the car. In seconds his pants were open, I was just as desperate for him as he was for me. Spinning me around he put my hands on the trunk of the car, leaning me over and flipping my skirt up. We made love fast, hard and passionately; neither of us were prepared for how fast we came.
After quickly adjusting clothes and catching our breath, we went upstairs. As I met his parents, I could feel his cum leaking from me.