Cum Clean

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dr. Viv

She's Magnificently Majestic. A strong, beautiful Lady in Her 50s. Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes. And I long to be Her little boy. To Worship this Worshipful, Wonderful WonderWoman. To be devoted to this Divine One. And I fantasize..

There She sits, majestically in Her High Chair. Her Hallowed Highness. Adorned with the choicest jewelery that I have had the proud privilege of procuring for Her. Bejewelled and Beautiful. Haughty and Heavenly. And tiny me, kneeling at those Fabulous Feet. She scarcely gives any sign of even noticing my presence.

And much later, Her Heavenly Feet are covered in white creamy produce of my maleness. And I am bent, ravenously cleaning those Divine Feet. With my wet pink tongue. Tasting myself on Divinity. A Heavenly Honore beyond words.