Cuffed together

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tuline

I have this fantasy about a guy from my political activist group, especially when we get arrested by the cops... Once we were cuffed together, my left hand to his right one and I couldn't help but think... What if something happened that had drawn the attention of the cop somewhere else - and we got a chance to run? I imagine us running away as fast as we could into the woods. At some point the cop would pass by and Boris would push me behind a tree with his hand on my mouth to stop me from making any noise. At that moment we would look at each other, and the temperature would rise... The fact that we're cuffed togheter (preventing from taking our clothes off), that we're supposed not to make noise (so that we don't get caught), and that we're still hot from the adrenalin of the political action and the runaway... All these elements aroused us a lot. The rest you can imagine ;)