Cuckold Waiter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sikkenoget

I have had this fantasy for some time. I would like my girlfriend to invite a stranger on a date at our place. I would be wearing a metal chastity cage, and serving them dinner and making sure they have everything they need. When time comes for dessert, I would prepare the beedroom for them. They go to the bedroom and my girlfriend drops her cocktaildress, unveiling the sexy lingerie. They start touching each other and kissing passionately. She will ask me over to lick her, while she starts pleasuring the stranger. When I've done my job well and she is overflowing with excitement, I'll be asked to step away, until further assistance is needed. I'll be asked over on several occasions by my girlsfriend, to either give her a passionate kiss, lick her or in other ways pleasure her as she might request. After they are done and the stranger has left. I will kiss her and lick her until she comes one final time. Afterwards I'll by doing the dishes still wearing the chastity cage, with my girlfriend relaxing on the couch smiling at me. It's all about her pleasure!