The Cruise Ship Window

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Deseanwilly

I am on a cruise ship with my wife. Our cabin is on deck 12 overlooking the front of the ship with a panoramic window that cantilevers outward. (This room really exists on deck 12 of Liberty of the Seas). It is a large floor to ceiling window rarely found on a ship. All I can think about is what it would be like to make use of this window and its gentle slant outward towards the sea. It is very private with a gorgeous view of the ocean. I'm imagining my wife and I enjoying drinks by the pool. Flirty cocktail tasting, kisses...and I lead her back to our room. I draw the curtains open and recline her on the glass and peel her swimsuit off as I kiss her. My lips explore her as her naked body rests on the glass in the sunlight, ocean waves below her. I imagine tasting her in this position, spreading her legs wide for my kisses.

I'm imagining the gravity defying position of having her on her back, legs up as I fuck her, hands high above her head. Then flipping her over and taking her from behind, breasts against the glass, angled, perfectly for me.finally I lay on my back and let her climb on top.

You need to google "panoramic ocean view royal caribbean" ....these windows are sooooooooo ripe for a unique, romantic creative shoot .