Crossed Dress

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JoBar

My wife recently mentioned she enjoyed the Gender Bender video. In my confession she surprises me by coming home early to find me wearing one of her dresses. I’m shocked and embarrassed, expecting her to dress me down. Instead, she gets a sly, wicked smile and decides to dress me up. She says I don’t like that dress on you. I tremble as she suggests another, more slinky dress. My cock begins to swell as I decide to submit to her whims. She chooses a dress and requires I model it for her. Taking it further she leads me to her make-up table and orders me to sit. She carefully applies make-up and a delicious hot red lipstick. I wear my hair long and she plays with it and hairspray makes me almost passable. My cock is on full alert now, tenting the silky dress, a wet spot shows through. She orders me on the bed and commands I wait while she takes care of something and leaves the room. She returns minutes later naked except for a strap-on. She lays down next to me and orders me to mount her strap-on cowgirl style. I want to see your pretty face while I fuck you, she says softly, yet firmly. And we are off to the races....!