Cross Dressing Partner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dressesforeveryone

I've always liked cross dressing, both for myself and my sexual partners. I've always had this one fantasy that starts in the dressing room of a clothing store. Me and my partner are in that small cubicle and I strip off the clothes that I'm wearing and try on, piece after piece, ultra feminine dresses and clothes. Mind you, I identify as a woman, but I don't dress as feminine as most. When I take off each piece, my male partner tries them on too. This part of the story has happened to me in real life and I swear it turns me on thinking about it every time. He puts on every dress, every top and every bottom, and eventually takes some home for himself. He likes women's clothes, even if he identifies as a straight man. We get home and try all of the things we bought, including the frilly dresses and skirt jumpsuit that he bought for himself. I then proceed to kiss him, and lead him to the bed with the dress still on. I'm the dominant one here, and he has seemed to accept that we switched roles different than that of society's standards. It always starts with oral for me, always. I then proceed to give him head, still with the dress on. Then I take off the dress and we proceed to have crazy sex in his first floor studio apartment with the windows open.