Cooking my senses

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ensemble

I have to confess that the way he attaches his hair to go cooking drives me crazy. See the back of his naked neck and follow his hands slicing carefully and precisely each ingredient make me wondering how long more I'll have to wait to be his dessert. His green eyes captivated by the main course in the oven and I completely captivated by his movements. I can feel his hands open slowly my legs while all my thoughts, one by one, leave me. In each condiment he adds, each seasoning, my lips get wet and I get goosebumps all over my hips. Looking at his nose trying to figure out the food flavor I end up to lose myself in flash backs of what it feels like when his tongue reaches, soft and wet, my sex. The dinner is almost ready. He says something that I'm unable to understand. My mind is not there. I try to take a deep breath and put myself together. When suddenly he grabs me by my hips, pulls my body against his body. At this moment, his green eyes penetrates my soul at the same time his tongue invades my mouth.
By the end of the night, I'm not sure if we have eaten yet. But it doesn't really matter...