Controlling Her

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dominatrix Erin

I’m a dominant 38 year old woman and I love controlling other women. I have a fantasy about meeting a petite woman with small breasts in an adult toy store. She would approach me and offer to be my sub. I would get her number and text instructions to her. I would tell her to be in the hallway of my apartment building at 9:00 pm. She would be instructed to wait naked, wearing only a dog collar. I would meet her at the door wearing nothing but a large strapon. We would kiss passionately before I pushed her over my homemade sex bench. Then I would plunge the strapon deep in her ass. She would be given a safe word, but refuses to use it. She screams as I fuck her ass harder and harder. I would then withdraw from her, grab her hair and force her down to eat my pussy. After a few minutes I would squirt all over her face. I would then tie her to the bench and make her climax with my magic wand. After she recovered, I would untie her and cuddle for a few minutes before she had to leave.