Contact Improvisation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By anonymous

I had a lover once who introduced me to Contact Improv one night. When she explained the concept -- connecting through breath and flowing movement with strangers, I thought it sounded a bit cheesy. 
But months later I found myself at a contact improv 'jam', alone & curious. It was in a dimly lit studio, it smelt of Florida water and there were a few candles glowing in one corner, some soft music playing in the background. There were three women and two men in the room. 
We started the session slowly, getting used to each other's presence. It felt tense and awkward at first. We were all glancing at each other, without looking in each other's eyes for too long, shying away. It all started with individual movement, to get grounded in our own bodies. Not too far from me, but not directly next to me was this dark haired, free spirited woman named Elsa. She moved like liquid steel, uninhibited and I could smell vanilla spice in her hair every time she grazed passed me. Her dance was soft, floaty and very, very sensual. Mine was a bit rigid, uneasy at first. She looked back at me once. I was trying to move closer at a slow pace so she wouldn't notice my physical and spacial attraction to her. It had been about 2 minutes that we had started at that point. The group started to pulse together. I felt the touch of someone's hand on the back of my neck and suddenly I was moving in perfect tandem with Elsa, our breath and dance in perfect harmony. The rest of the group melded into a tangle of arms & legs in contact while Elsa's and my eyes met with an intensity I can't describe. Suddenly she pulled me into a room adjacent to the studio and pressed her warm body into mine and we became one. We were filled with the group's energy. I couldn't hold back the burning desire to be in her. I wanted to feel her from the inside, to touch every single part of her body, to run my fingers down her thighs, up her lower back, back to her mouth. I wanted to feel her shake in my mouth. We devoured each other in the darkness. After an unknown amount of time we heard the music turn off outside and the lights turn off - the jam session ended. We held our breath and heard the door to the studio lock. We spent the rest of the night there.. it was divine. I hope I see her at the next session.