Consummating our Marriage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rb

We just got married the day before and were saving ourselves for marriage as committed Christians. It’s the first day of our honeymoon and it’s time to consummate our marriage. We enter our hotel room after arriving from a short flight. We kiss passionately, using our tongues unable to get enough of each other. He puts his hands under my dress and sensually feels my skin. I pull his shirt over his head exposing his amazing six pack. I kiss him quickly on the lips and then trail kisses down his chest until I reach his trousers. I tease him and feel his erection through his trousers, looking up into his eyes as I do so. I unzip his trousers. He undresses me and then I lie on the bed. Looking into my eyes full of anticipation and lust he slowly takes off his boxers exposing his big hard penis. He puts his big penis inside me and we make love all night long till the morning.