Consumed by Nature

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mike031

It had been long since I took a break. I wanted to be away from the madness, from city life, from all the clutter of people, workxl, information. I wanted silence. I wanted me.

One fine morning I decided to leave for the hills. I booked a quaint apartment by a riverside. I planned to spend 3 days by myself with no agenda. Just be myself and do whatever I liked and whenever I liked.

I was overjoyed when I reached my destination. The view was breathtaking. I sat near the patio looking at the clear blue skies. I was surrounded by hills from all four directions, the sun was just hot enough for me to feel I was well tucked in a blanket, the river - wide and blue was flowing calmly and was whispering to me. It was calling me, a call that I could not resist.

Soon I found myself at the riverbank walking barefoot, gently feeling the rocks, walking through the tall wild grass, letting them feel every part of my uncovered body. I halted to caress some wild flowers, trying to absorb their smell and feel them on my cheeks and my lips. And then I heard the river again, it was longing for me. It splashed hard against a rock, as if to tell me where I must come. The rock wasn't too deep within the river. The current assisted me to reach the rock. I sat on the rock looking up at the sky, looking at the white sand around me, looking at mountains that surrounded me. The sun was just over my head. It gleamed and the warmth penetrated my clothes. I felt the heat to my bones. And then a heavy gush of wave came and hit me, wetting my lowers, seeping through my underwear. It was as if the river pushed it's hands against my vagina and told me to stop ignoring it. It was confused, I couldn't understand what I felt. I just sat still, I let the waves hit me, I gave in to it an enjoyed the hard thrusts. I was getting consumed by it. My nipples hardened, and before I realised I had my shirt off, I lay on the rock, looking up the sky, the hot sun simmering my body, the cool wind blowing over it gently as if someone was slowly touching every part of my body at the same time. The wind brushed passed my nipples, hardening them while the water's thrust became harder and harder. I had my one one of my had pressing my breasts, pinching my nipples, the other hand was helping the water feel me from within. The wind brushed through my nape and my hear, kissing my lips, the longest and the most sensual kiss I had ever felt. It was ultimate bliss. I fingered my self, still wondering if it was the river that came in me or was it me who came in the river. I screamed with pleasure, screaming in the wilderness, stretching my arms and my body to let all the elements feel me and consume me. I lay still, with eyes closed. All I could see was golden dust and the red light through my eyelids, hear the wind blow and the river leave a sigh of pleasure.