Erotic affair with a married woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jodyking

I am having an affair with a lady who is my family friend (my moms friend) and since I moved out of my house five years back we started meeting each other.

We always had a great bond and before our affair I never knew much about love. But we shared some similar book and movie interest...

She has been married for many years, and this adds to our pleasure. What makes our affair special and what we both enjoy is the emotional cruelty towards her husband. There was this weekend when her husband went to San Francisco and we spend three nights of animalistic sex in her house and in her martial bed. I remember how she planned everything and then messaged me the night before sitting right next to him at the dinner table.

She isn´t in an unhappy marriage, but they do have ups and downs and her unsuspecting husband always make our sex better. One day when I went to meet her for a book exchange,  I greeted her husband on the way who was working in the garden. He told me she is upstairs so I ran to her bedroom. Locking the door behind me, we made love for the next 10 minutes before coming downstairs for a coffee together like nothing had happened.

I know its crazy, but I just love the way she choose me over her husband!