Confess to My Husband

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rosa

I am a married woman, 28 years old. I work as a sales manager for a company. We were very reserved toward each other in the early days of our marriage. It was as if there were invisible barriers between us when we had sex, preventing us from enjoying and feeling.We were talking about it among ourselves. Over time, we came to understand that we both wanted to have experiences with strangers, but we couldn't admit this to ourselves or to each other. Due to my job, I have to travel frequently. Again, on one of these trips, I was out of town for the weekend. There was a dinner invitation with a potential customer. I was aiming to make an important deal for the company by impressing him with a mini black dress, a very stylish look with panyhose and stilettos, and a beautiful makeup that attracted attention with an inviting red lipstick. But… I couldn't get over the idea of having sex with a stranger during the meal, so I got up from the table to measure the impression I made on the customer and went to the bathroom, where he could watch me while I walked. When I looked back as I was leaving, I noticed that he was looking at me and was watching me again as he turned. I was a professional, but I could not resist the excitement that arose in me. It was a light rainy night, and when we got out of the restaurant, he said he could drop me off at the hotel. We both knew what would happen if I accepted this offer, the reason for which is obvious. My husband and I were always talking about how we should be more courageous about sex. He is a kind person who cares a lot about female sexuality and freedom. I decided this was a chance to test ourselves, so we got in the car. He opened my door. As I sat in the car he watched my mini dress, which also had a small slit at the hem, slide up my legs. We started kissing as soon as he got into the car. I told him to take me his home. We came to his house. I didn't want to switch to a sexual relationship in a very short time. Wishing that this moment when I felt the walls come down was quite long, I called my husband and told him that I was at the hotel at the time and everything was perfect. He told me to enjoy the moment as if he felt it too. After drinking a glass of wine, in a long kissing session, I had sex with a foreign man for the first time that night, in a house and bed I never knew, by experiencing the lust that a foreign man left in my body. When I returned home the next day, I was thinking about how I could tell my husband what I had been through, but he felt that there was a difference in me. He encouraged me to tell what had happened, and I did.Unexpectedly, he took me in his arms, and we had the sensual sex I had with a foreign man the night before with my husband that day. We are very happy right now, and we have an open relationship where we set our boundaries and respect.