Community Love Making

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WaAmor

There are so many ways the mainstream power paradigms isolate sex. I've found that often, when I'm dropped in deepest, in sync with my lover(s), merged with each other and everything, and also more autonomous in myself then ever, I want my community around me holding space. I imagine my lover riding me, and my sister holding my head, my mother holding my hand, and my best friends stroking my face, pressing on my heart. There is someone lighting sage, and spraying us with essential oil water spray and ringing tibetan singing bowls and allowing themselves to be touched and moved and turned on but holding space, transmuting the energy through prayer, or song, or tuning, of pranayama breathing, etc... My partner and I verbalize nourishment for our relationship, gushing about our love for each other and our relationship in the context of the community and the community itself. The Community gushes in return. Together we raise the energy high in a sacred way, breaking the isolation, inviting the sacred in with the community. We end all holding each other marinating and buzzing.