A Sexual Fantasy

— By Deepwithin

That was the last task of photography class. The teacher wanted that we handed over (divided in pairs: photographer and subject) the portrait of a person who blend in with the background. The more the blending was efficient more the grade would had been higher. I ended up with a guy that I didn't see much therefore I didn't know well. While everyone were talking about their brilliant ideas, we arrange an appointment for the next week, at my place. He arrived on time, he had with him a bag with some beers. That day, looking better I thought I didn't dislike him at all. My Parents wouldn't be at home for a week and we could work in peace. My mom had left her usual mess of unfinished canvas and open colors scattered allover the living room, convinced to find the right inspiration after the holidays. At first I thought to cover him up with the newspapers and blend him with the wall of my room, full of newspapers clipping. We tried, we took some photos but the light was not good. So we thought we could try with the grass in the garden or some flowers, but it was rainy, nothing to be done. We were both a little disheartened, and by then a little bit tipsy. He then looked at me and said:"I will take the pictures, you will be the subject". He took me by the hand and placed me in front of a wall where there was a large Kandinskij's poster and he began to examine me. I didn't understand right away. I saw him through the door choosing some colors and brushes. I left him do. When he returned he told me to fully undress. I had a thrill. While smiling and closing my eyes, I did it. The first brush strokes were cold, my skin and especially my breast made it known. Then there were a series of sensations that I never felt before. The bristles, then his fingers, then his hands. He undressed himself in order to don't get stained, It was me that suggested that. And we began to play with colors. The yellow, black, red. We didn't took any pictures that day. We muddled so much not to be able to understand who of us was the subject and who the background.