Coffee Roaster Hotties

A Sexual Fantasy

— By strangerthanparadise

I went to buy my coffee to a traditional coffee roaster recommended by a friend of mine who speaks wonders of that coffee. We're talking about a very old, small, simple, and humble coffee roaster in a very traditional neighborhood in Lisbon owned by an old, nice and peculiar little man, absorbed in his trade behind the office's glass wall. At the back of the roaster two young guys, more a less my age or around 30, very different but each hot in his own way. One was a redhead with long hair and a relaxed body type, the other had dark strong hair and he was the typical Portuguese athletic type. While the redhead is explaining to me all the types of roasts they have for their coffee over here, with all its beautiful and sensual words such as chocolate notes, dense, profound, soft, full of flavor, etc, the other guy is back there, putting beans into paper bags. I ask the redhead for what I want and he says he will prepare it and grind my coffee for me while his colleague makes me a visit of the roaster. I move along with the other colleague to the inside of the coffee roaster, which is a very small and very hot room full of strong and long-lasting machines to roast coffee. Close to one of the roasters I see another hot young guy roasting his own coffee for his own bar. This one must be a foreigner. He is taller than the other ones and has those eyes, that height, that hair that may denounce him as German or Dutch. He is some tattoos on his arms and he looks very cute when he is focused on his note-taking and coffee testing. Meanwhile, the other guy that is making me the tour is explaining me everything about how the coffee roasting process works, machine by machine, but he feels so close, and looks so deeply into my eyes. We are all wearing masks (because ... dah...corona...) so eyes do speak. While the guide is pointing to the bags with the green virgin coffee beans I see his wedding ring shining on his left finger. I think he noticed me noticing it so, to play cool, I immediately make a sudden question about something of the roasting process. I'm sweating and feeling really hot inside here, with all this sun, all these guys, all the noise of the machines, the small and tight spaces, the warmth of August, and the irresistible smell of coffee. That's when I see the redhead coming into the factory part of the roaster telling me "your coffee is ready", grabbing me gently by the hand, laying me down on the huge green coffee bean bags and slowly, very slowly and sweetly, start to undress me, touch me, tickle my nipples and my clit. Soon enough the other guys join us on our make-belief bed on top of the big bean bags and we have a sweaty, mellow, sweet, August love-making session with the smell of coffee. The married guy takes his ring off and leaves it on top of one of the machines. He is the last one to join but he sure devours me.