Coffee break by the beach

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lonicera

A recent summer I dated a woman who really enjoyed sex. We spent time in a house by the sea with her children; they were small enough to (mostly) do what mum told them, but big enough to be by themselves for a little while. One day we were sunbathing at the beach and the kids relaxing after swimming. I suggested coffee and the two of us headed up the trail to the house.

Watching her buttocks moving before me in the tiny bikini bottom made me hard. In the kitchen, as she walked up to the sink, I stepped up behind her and started kissing her neck and caressing her breasts. She arched back, pressing her butt against me, grinding me even harder, slipping one hand under my swim trunks. She was already wet and groaned with pleasure as I pulled her bikini to the side and slipped a finger into her. I stroked her clit with one hand and massaged a nipple with the other, while lightly biting her neck. “Fuck me” she said and without turning around pulled my swim trunks half way down, taking a step back and bending forward, leaning on the sink. With my hands on her hips I slowly entered her, then started moving deeper, harder. She held on to the sink, pushing back against me, breathing heavily, sweat running down her back.

I was moments from coming when we heard happy voices coming up the track, shouting “we want ice-cream!”. I slipped out of her and we managed to look almost decent before the children entered. Luckily, they did not care much about us when they found ice cream cones in the freezer and soon they happily wandered down to the beach again after being ensured we were just coming…

My partner took an ice cream, bit off a piece and knelt down before me. Ice cream still in mouth, , she held my still hard dick and closed her lips around the head. The warmth of her mouth, the cold ice cream and her sucking and licking, one hand around my balls, within seconds all my built up lust exploded and I shot all I had. She continued sucking until I was all empty, then shared my taste in a kiss.