Coffee au Lait

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hal

My intimate partner and I have always been into semi-public sexual experiences- teasing in store aisles when no one is watching, lots of sex in dark parking lots, touching myself in the passenger seat while he drives down the highway (and the less risky but still hot thrill of fucking when there's people in the next room). There's one thing we've always wanted to do that we haven't dared to, though, and that's bathroom sex. More specifically, coffee house bathroom sex. He has just moved to Oregon and knowing first hand his beauty and charm, it had me thinking of all the girls who would be on him, and how hot it is for him to be wanted but for him to only want me. I started thinking about being one of those girls staring him down, sitting next to him and rubbing his thigh while doing all the subtle teases that make him go crazy until there's no choice but for him to push me into the bathroom just aggressively enough that it doesn't draw attention. Something about the risk of getting caught and the competition of who can stay the quietest or move around the least is hot to both of us, but the thought of getting eaten out while I sit on the sink or having sex while I look at myself in the mirror while I watch his face is even sexier. Once we've finished there's only room for speculation about why we were in there together and what we did.