Climbing Adventures

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bouldergirl

Two women go to a climbing park in Alsace for climbing together. After they both climbed some routes and are laying out to rest in the sun, they start getting closer and end up making out and also undressing each other. After they made out for a while, one of them leads the other to the rock, where they climbed before. With the climbing rope she ties her hands and ties them to the first carabiner. Then she starts kissing and touching the other woman’s naked body again until she slowly starts going down on her. Then tied like this she pleasures her also with her finger until she almost comes. That’s when another couple (fm) arrives at the climbing park. When they see the women they want to leave and apologize but both the two women insist, that they would not bother them watching or even joining. The new woman is surprised but very turned on and starts joining. The man is shy and hesitant so he just watches and pleasures himself for a bit. After the women switch roles and tie another woman to the rock he also gets to the group. While turned to the stone, the tied up woman gets eaten by another woman the man starts penetrating her from behind. The third woman massages her breasts and makes out with her. This goes on for a while and they switch the ties from time to time. They all get very hot and sweaty and continue until all of them have orgasmed once or twice. After that they eat their picnic together and also climb some routes again and giving each other advise.