Classics Man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mattie

I used to work in the classics library which specializes in the history and languages of the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece. I have presented to everyone but significant others as straight, but, especially during my time at the classics library, gay desires welled up in my loins time and again. There was plenty of time for me to feel that sexual tension, all the more so when some of the books that graduate students and professors checked out were on the topic of ancient homosexuality. All I want, pretty please, is a beautiful "reenactment" of ancient male homosexual sex between the student library worker and a graduate student or professor. After looking up tons of words in their Greek dictionaries, refreshing their grammar, referencing the history to put their ancient text into context, what has to come next is hot sex. I often studied alone. Who knows what kind of pleasures I might have experienced if I had a good study partner? After hours at the classics library with a good, cultured, studious Classics Man, sigh. You can bet we would do all the things, in all the parts of the library. What nerds, we might even quote some ancient erotic poetry during our carnal feast.