Love me some projection room..

A Sexual Fantasy

— By terry776

I used to be a cinema projectionist in a small cinema in a small provincial English town.

On one day of the young usherettes (a pretty dark haired girl), wanted to see how the films were projected from the 2 projection rooms. I invited her up after the film had started. I was young as well. It was the late 1980s and some good films were showing. I had to lock the doors behind me so that the public would not follow.

The projector was running, and to see the screen from the projection room you had to sit on a high type chair. She seemed a little shy and we got closer to show her the machine working which was quite loud. Suddenly I kissed her and she was quite shocked. I thought she would want to go back downstairs right away but instead she loosened her bra. We kissed more and I touched her breasts. She reached in my jeans and felt my cock. She asked if nobody will come. I said, not until the film finishes. We stripped and made love in several ways on the high projection chair next to the projector. Finishing with me coming in her mouth.

We got dressed and I lead her downstairs . In time for the next show. She served the ice creams on the next show. I saw her through the projection room window.