Cum again for a checkup

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

It was since many years that she had a man.
Redhead, manicured and sensual hands, shapely and seductive body, she was fiftyfive and worked as a doctor in the hospital.
That day was to map some flaws that had appeared on the penis of a patient.
After smeared with gel the interested part, she layed the lens of the dermotoscope on the skin where the blemishes had appeared and with small movements moved the unit.
“It seems everything it’s okay.” She said as she wiped away the gel with a tissue.
Under the beautiful hands of the doctor, the penis began to swell.
The right hand of the patient, suddenly and unexpectedly and slowly, crept under the coat and skirt of the doctor. She wore light tights beneath which the fingers could feel the heat of the skin. And not only: at the pussy, clitoris seemed to explode.
The man's fingers began to masturbate the doctor.
She posed the dermatoscope and brought her lips to the cock.
Only a few moments and all kinds of liquid exploded from their sexes.
“Thanks doctor now I am reassured.”
“Yes, but you cannot neglect yourself. I wait for you at the next checkup.”