Chat room roleplay

A Sexual Fantasy

— By OneAndOne

My girlfriend and I were always curious how it would be to switch bodies/roles. I guess, this is nothing exceptional. However, we decided to bring it to a new level: roleplay in explicit online chat rooms.

Sitting in different rooms of our apartment and live this fantasy together was thrilling for both of us. We had great orgasms. She was even climaxing sooner - I guess she took her role as a man very serious :)

But not only that we had a good time, we also learned a lot about our desires and us in general: you can only act the way you think it is or the way you want it to be. She played "the man" in a way she wants him to be, showing me desires and wishes she has not adressed so far. And in return I acted out things she was too shy to show or did not expect me to like. Talking about it afterwards brought us even closer together. Highly recommended!