change my mind

A Sexual Fantasy

— By capyfan

we’re going to be late and i’m rushing you out of the house but you’re in the mood for something else. you’re playful, asking wouldn’t i like to have some fun before we go? but i just want to leave. you start touching me teasingly while i get ready to go. finally, when my back is turned to you you press a vibrator under my skirt and i melt in your hands. i turn. “not funny,” i say sternly, and open my mouth to lecture you but instead i moan as you press the toy back into me. “you sure you don’t want to have some fun?” i moan and you remove the toy, pretending to get ready to go. “you’re right, we’re going to be late,” you say, nonchalantly brushing the still on vibrator against me again. i moan involuntarily. “maybe…” “maybe?” you repeat, pushing the toy firmly against my crotch again. “nah you don’t sound too sure, let’s go.” you remove the toy and i’m a mess now, at your mercy. you’ve convinced me now and the roles are reversed. the vibrator is your bargaining chip and i’ll do anything to feel you use it on me.