Centre of the Peep Show

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Suzzi74

I have frequently masturbated to this fantasy....

I rent a high class peep show room with connecting rooms with a window in each room.(like a hexagon) and I'm the epicenter. There is no free access to me or any other room. Voyeurs enter through their own private door and view through their own window. Voyeurs can see me and I can see all voyeurs, they cannot see each other.

I start my peep show with disrobing while walking to each window to tease them. Pressing bare breasts and bottom to their peep window. I smile and admire their company, husbands and wives, single women, lesbians and gay couples. I work the room, while fondling and using my sex toy props. I almost orgasm muliple times throughout my performance, using each window to watch them too. Watching their sex acts gets me more and more excited, its like a need to please each other without touching. They have all paid to see me perform and wait in anticipation for me to pick one lucky peep window to come join me and bring me to my climax in any way they see fit. I am at their mercy, longing for that orgasm I've worked hard for.

My fantasy ending always ends differently with whomever I choose. Ill leave that to you.

Well I'm off to masturbate 😉