Caught Up In The Moment Of Uncontrolled Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Steve

It was the end of the semester in college, everyone was saying their goodbyes as was I when my lab partner cornered me and asked me if I could help her finish loading her truck for her move to University. Of course I agreed because she was a sweet person and she had the most perfect body I had ever seen. A dark haired, big brown eyed latina with nice tan long legs that she regularly showed off in short gym shorts with the tightest round ass while sporting a white t-shirt that had no reservation of reveiling her large brown nipples on the end of her pointy c-cups. After we were finished loading her truck, she offered me a beer and had me relax while she headed off to the shower. Upon returning she asked me if I trusted her and of course I did, I had known her the entire symester. She put on some slow jazz, dimmed the lights had me sit back in a chair and opened her robe just far enough to let her breasts fall out. She asked me if I liked them, which I did of course while she placed a nipple on my lips as she blind folded me. I took both breasts in hands and devoured the nipples with intensity. She then reached down and began unzipping my pants while whispering in my ear that she wanted to suck my cock, which was of course already erect and waiting for her warm mouth to wrap around it. While sucking on her breasts, I felt her stand up and turn around, she said that I needed to put my hands behind my back until she said. That is when she said that one of her favorite things was anal, which I had never tried before. She lubed up my cock and slid her tight hole down my shaft moaning the entire time. As she road me she told me not to cum because she wanted me in her mouth. As she thrust up and down on my cock, I could feel my balls tightening and informed her that I was about to cum. She jumped up and replaced her ass with her warm lips while I exploded in her mouth. She then opened my mouth with her fingers and let my cum fall from her lips into my mouth. I had never tasted my own cum before. She then led me blindfolded to the bed. She began sucking my cock again and lifted my legs back so that she was able to stick her tongue in my asshole, a sensation I had never felt before causing my cock to begin to get erect again. Then she walked around the bed put my hads on her ass and removed the blindfold, to my surprise she had a cock which was resting on my forehead, without giving it a second thought, having never done anything like it before, I turned over and began savagely sucking her cock until she began thrusting her lips and moaning in ectacy, begging me not to stop until she blew her load down my throat. Afterwards, I got dressed and gave her a kiss bidding her farewell and good luck in her new endevors. I have never sucked on a cock again, although there are times when I masterbate thinking about Melissa and her beautiful breasts, tight ass, and sweet cum in my mouth.