Carnal drunkenness

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Michel

That morning, in front of my computer, I was finishing a delicate job, sitting on an ergonomic chair, very concentrated on my task and impatient to finish it. I was dressed only in American shorts, when I felt a warm, almost mysterious touch on my back, on my shoulder blades. I was so engrossed in my computer screen that I almost made a gesture of annoyance. I was so absorbed in my computer screen that I almost made a gesture of annoyance, and by the time I got back to reality I realised that it was my companion who was sliding her nipples over my skin. I had not heard her coming, but the sensation of her breasts grazing my back woke me up from my torpor .... It was so nice and sweet ..... My hands left my keyboard and met the roundness of her bare thighs, she intensified the pressure of her beautiful breasts and my hands grasped her round and tender buttocks, I held her close. I could feel her hair on the top of my buttocks. I kneaded and kneaded again, my fingers read the sensuality of her buttocks and touched the lips of her swollen vulva, my index finger tried to reach her anus, she moaned, lascivious. Then she slid down to sit on my lap, her mouth sought mine, her tongue entered my lips, and I sucked her, licked her, and kissed her with such intensity that we were panting. The kisses are sources of excitement of such sensuality that I definitely gave myself up to the delicious sensations. My hands were roaming her back, her buttocks, her breasts, my fingers lingering on her anus, her wet pussy, her clit. My fingers pressed her nipples, brushed her areolas, despite my eyes being closed, I could see through my hands the beauty of her breasts, her pussy and her ass. I listened to her moans and this increased my desire tenfold. She suddenly lifts herself up to remove my underwear and sticks her pubic bone on mine, she undulates, rubs against my skin, I feel her pussy on my lower belly, I feel her clitoris, her lips on my skin, I hear her breath, she suddenly increases the rhythm of her wiggles, My stiff cock slides between her buttocks, her hand grabs my cock and pushes it between her buttocks, our mouths suck and lick each other, it's intoxicating, when suddenly, an extraordinary sensation subjugates me, a warm liquid flows on my skin, my pubis, my cock flows on my balls... I am carried away by this new sensation, so intoxicating that I leave her mouth, spread her hips and look at what is happening, a stream of liquid flows from her pussy, I direct my glans towards this fountain, this juice flows abundantly on my glans, it is hot and intoxicating, it flows on my shaft and my balls, I jerk off. I grabbed my cock with my hand and rubbed it vigorously on her swollen hot soaked pussy and her vulva flowed more and more, I was soaked my hand, my lower belly