caramel legs

A Sexual Fantasy

— By toyboy

I work as a commercial director. Yesterday a photographer and his assistant joined our car shoot. The assistant was about 178cm tall and had endless, beautiful long and perfectly shaped legs. She knew that and was wearing tiny jean shorts - so short the white linen of the pockets was visible. Most of the time she was standing at a tripod, covered with black cloth, to be able to see the computer screen in bright sunlight. So I just saw her legs. Every time I wasn't shooting myself, I was looking around the set to get another glimpse of those legs. It felt addictive.

The desert on the catering was dulce de leche on cookies and cream. I delightfully sucked that delicious desert imagining I was kissing her feet and licking myself up her legs into her treasured hidden hotspot somewhere in those tiny hot pants

It was hard to concentrate for the rest of the day, and she enjoyed my looks a lot I guess. Lets see where this one goes... 3 more days to shoot.