I can't take my eyes off your butt on the bike seat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

Our regular Sunday bike ride together. You in those hot shorts, and that sports top that shows off your breasts just right. Lookin’ real good.

We head off down the pathway, you in front. Warm breeze, bright sun, and your oh-so-nice butt on that bike seat. Can't take my eyes off it.

I'm getting hard, and this bike ride seems a little less important now. There's something else I'd really rather do. I call up to you it's time to take a break. We pull over and park in a grove of trees.

You're thinking it's rest time, but when I take you in my arms you know something’s up. Literally. We're both a little nervous being on the side of the path, but we’re also both really hot and know this won't last too long.

In a quick minute I have your pants down and my cock out. You’re on your back, I'm on top, our mouths swallow each other, and I'm deep inside of you. Fast, and frantic, and BOOM.

Delicious. We get our pants back on and mount the bikes. Back on the road. And there’s that butt again. We're going to need another break soon.